Congratulations! By visiting our webpage, you are taking positive steps toward a brighter future. Many students like you have wondered how the program can help them create the career they’ve always wanted. We’ve compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions so you can find out a little more about our program, to see if it’s right for you.


What is the average class size?

Class size does vary somewhat, depending on the nature of the class and its objectives. For example, accounting classes which usually require student interaction with the professor, have between 30 and 35 students. Classes such as Sales which involve student presentations usually have around 25 students. A course such as Principles of Management, typically focusing on principles that can be taught effectively through lecture, may have 50 students. The average is around 28 students per section.

Who teaches the classes?

Business classes at UW-Stout are taught by highly qualified faculty who enjoy teaching undergraduate students. Professors have teaching experience, professional experience, and appropriate academic credentials. Classes are not taught by graduate students.

Will I have an academic advisor to help choose courses?

Yes. All business administration majors are advised by business professors. Each student is assigned to a professor and each student is expected to see his/her academic advisor at least twice a year to discuss course choices and academic progress.

What makes this major different from business majors at other universities?

This major provides a good foundation in all the functional areas of a business and a more in-depth look at some specific type of business. To have both the broad overview and the more specialized area is unique. Also, this program emphasizes not only the theoretical understanding of business, but also a "hands-on" or applied skill set that enables students to use what they know to solve real business problems.

Will I have to do an internship?

An internship, also known as a co-op or field experience, is required for all Business Administration majors who have not had previous managerial work experience. The internship usually occurs after the junior year and should provide a student with meaningful work experience that helps a student learn more about some career interest, industry, or area of business. The student can find an appropriate position through the Career Services office at UW-Stout or can find a position through personal efforts and contacts. A faculty member works with the student to define learning objectives and monitors the student's learning and performance.

Can I finish the major in four years?

Yes, the degree requires a minimum of 124 credits, which can be completed in 8 semesters if a student enrolls in an average of 16 credits a semester.

Do I have to have a minor?

No. A minor is not required when a student has a General Business Administration major. A minor can be chosen if a student wants and UW-Stout offers many to choose from, including areas like Economics, Property Management, Speech and Spanish.

What employment rate do Business Administration graduates typically have?

For the past few years, employment rates have exceeded 96%, and even when unemployment rates are higher than today, our employment rates stay above 90%. Many employers come to UW-Stout every year because the quality of our students is outstanding.

Can I study abroad?

Yes. We have study abroad opportunities for business students with many universities. With prior planning, the courses taken abroad can be used to meet graduation requirements at UW-Stout. See the International Education website for more information.

Is a foreign language required?

A foreign language is only required for students choosing to emphasize International Business.

Do I have electives in the major?

Yes. There are four credits of electives in the Business portion of the major. Additionally, in many of the required areas, you will select which one of the 3-5 listed courses you prefer to take. Finally, you will choose and emphasis, called a "Technical Component," that consists of 10 credits.

I see a section of the plan sheet called "Technical Component." What is that and when do I have to decide what to include in mine?

The technical component, consisting of 10 credits, provides a General Business Administration student with expertise in one particular industry or career area. These courses are not general business courses, but instead are courses that provide an understanding of where the general skills will be applied. For example, a Technical Component might focus on the packaging industry where general business students might be hired to work in business positions such as materials management, purchasing, sales, customer service, or perhaps human resources. We have 21 different Technical Components that help students prepare to use their business skills in specific areas.

During your first semester on campus you will have a chance to learn about your choices. You can then take a course in that technical component to see if it matches your interests. Ideally, your internship will relate to your technical component, too, to provide even more exposure to the field.


For answers to questions not addressed here, contact the program director at the address, telephone, or e-mail address listed on the contact page.