Congratulations! By visiting our webpage, you are taking positive steps toward a brighter future. Many students like you have wondered how the program can help them create the career they've always wanted. We've compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions so you can find out a little more about our program, to see if it's right for you.

What is Applied Science?

The Applied Science program was started in 2001 as an interdisciplinary degree concentrated in the natural and physical sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Applied Science is for students seeking science careers. The program stresses breadth in scientific concepts through course work in biology, chemistry and physics, as well as an emphasis in technology and the liberal arts.

What type of career could I have if I complete this program?

Students enter the program to prepare for careers in business, industry, technical support, research, engineering, government service and the allied health professions. This program is ideal for students who seek a customized education combining the sciences, liberal arts, and technology.

What background do I need to enroll in the Applied Science program?

In high school you should take as many of the college prep biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics courses available to you. Special emphasis on achievement of mathematics concepts and skills as demonstrated by a Math ACT score of 22 or above, combined with your high school GPA of at least 3.0 will contribute not only to your entrance onto the program but your ultimate success in completing the degree requirements.

What type of advisement will I receive?

As in incoming student you will be assigned a first-year advisor from the Advisement Center who is knowledgeable about the Applied Science program. Toward the end of your first year you will choose a concentration and subsequently be assigned an Applied Science faculty advisor who will guide you more specifically within your concentration. For more information about the scope and sequence of courses in each concentration, go to the Undergraduate Bulletin program description [PDF].

What makes this program distinctive from others I might find?

The Applied Science program is unique since it integrates the sciences while providing the academic rigor necessary for entrance to post-graduate and professional programs. Graduates will have a solid foundation in the sciences because of the "hands-on" learning environment combined with an integrated capstone course. In addition, you'll have an understanding of the business community. With UW-Stout's long-standing relationship with industry, you'll have exposure to various components of industry via the co-op experience.

Is a co-op/internship required or important during my studies?

A co-op/internship is required to earn the Applied Science degree. You'll find a co-op/intern experience is also important as it helps you define your career path. This experience makes you more attractive to prospective employers as well.

For answers to questions not addressed here, contact the program director at the address, telephone, or e-mail address listed on the Contact Information page.