VaujTou Yia Xiong

Vauj: A Kite Story
“Vauj” (pronounced “vow”) is a 2D animation about a Hmong boy reminiscing about flying kites with his father.

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StudioMatt Culbertson

Design 256
Documentary about Compositing for Digital Cinema and Virtual Sets course offered during WinTerm 2012. 

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Forge AheadGroup Project

Forge Ahead
Created by Keith Catalano, Tou Xiong, Chayne Bourget, Andrew Bensen, for 3D Animation II class. We had just under two months to create everything and animate.

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Far Watch TowerMatthew Culbertson

The Far Watch Tower
A matte painting sequence breakdown for a video compositing class (Winter 2012). Accepted into the Minnesota Electronic Theater (MET).

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The Griefer MachineStephen Nicksic

The Griefer Machine
Created in 3D Modeling and Animation course. The assignment was to make a Fantasia 30-45 second animation to instrumental music. Music: Professional Griefers by deadmau5.

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Jimbo – Space JanitorGroup Project

Jimbo  —  Space Janitor
Advanced 3D Modeling/Animation work by Sam Herder, Reece Blaiser, Juan Sanchez, Tiffany Truttmann and Amanda Steger.

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Hope is the Thing With FeathersCalvin Keyes

Hope is the Thing With Feathers
A short film by Calvin Keyes,  a digital cinema student. This video was made for a Fiction to Film course at UW–Stout. Special thanks to group members Alex Seifert, Caroline Kroner, Kate Hytinen, and Larissa Wilhelm for concept and directional support!

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Sometimes a Lonely WayGroup Collaboration

Sometimes a Lonely Way
This video is the result of a semester's collaboration between UW-Stout Entertainment Design students in the DES- 378 Animation Studio course (Fall 2013) and the Grammy Award-winning band They Might Be Giants.

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Black Tie Event – End of Semester ExhibitionEnd of Semester Exhibition

Black Tie Event
Presenting the films and animations from the BFA in Entertainment Design end of the semester exhibition showcasing the senior projects and the best work from the underclassmen.

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2013 MET Show Reel

UW-Stout recently had 8 of 19 student projects included on the Minnesota Electronic Theater 'show reel,' a compilation of local animations, graphics and effects, selected by a jury made up of award winners from last years submissions.

2012 MET Show Reel

UW-Stout recently had 12 student projects accepted for inclusion in the 2012 Minnesota Electronic Theater (MET) Festival. One piece — Forge Ahead — received the “Best Student Animation – Runner-Up Award.”

3D Modeling and Animation

Screenshot from virtual Rube Goldberg machine

Virtual Rube Goldberg Machines

This project was assigned to 3D Modeling and Animation students in Spring 2012. This is the first 3D animation ever created by many of the students in the class. The national challenge of "blowing up a balloon and popping it" was required in the animations.