Program Services

The Professional Approach to Program Development and Event Planning

The thought of having to work out all the details and arrangements for a successful program can be overwhelming. Let the experience of the UW-Stout Professional Education staff save you hours of work and lots of headaches!

Our professional team will help you!

Every year we help businesses, agencies, organizations, colleges and departments serve thousands of people in conferences, workshops, seminars, and video conferences ranging in size from five people to several thousand.

Let us put our years of professional experience to work for you!

Professional Education Programs and Services provides:

Preliminary Planning and Program Development

Our professional program managers will work with you to develop your concept into a successful program.

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  • Develop client contacts and assessment of needs
  • Develop program/project concept and curriculum working with content experts
  • Recommend delivery format
  • Develop a time line
  • Draft a comprehensive budget
  • Provide implementation support

Marketing Support

An important factor in guaranteeing success for your activity is to reach the proper target audience with appropriate promotional materials, by developing an effective marketing plan.

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  • Work with you to produce effective brochure copy that will reflect the uniqueness of your event and improve attendance
  • Design the appropriate graphics to compliment your brochure copy
  • Print your brochures and materials
  • Define, create and maintain a computerized mailing list
  • Mail printed brochures
  • Arrange for news releases and press coverage

Financial Management

We work with you to draft a comprehensive budget to ensure sound financial management.

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  • Collect and administer registration fees
  • Monitor income and expenses to reflect the established budget
  • Maintain accurate computerized records of activity, income and expenses
  • Negotiate, review and pay obligations for the conference
  • Prepare a final financial summary

Presenter Support

We work closely with you in researching, selecting, and organizing speakers and exhibitors for your program.

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  • Contact and contract with presenters/exhibitors
  • Confirm expectations, responsibilities and fee arrangements
  • Make final arrangements with presenters/exhibitors including travel, hand-out materials, shipping, and audio visual equipment requirements
  • Assure proper hosting of presenters
  • Provide follow-up correspondence with presenters/exhibitors

Facilities Coordination

We know the importance of having your event run smoothly throughout planning and delivery. We will ensure that everything is available as needed for the event.

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  • Recommend appropriate locations and facilities, reserve rooms to accommodate the activity schedule
  • Negotiate and sign hotel contracts
  • Identify and negotiate catering requirements
  • Arrange for necessary audiovisual equipment and technology needs

Professional Support

Our professional team knows about hundreds of details that must be addressed to properly plan, schedule, and administer your event. There is no job too big, or detail too small, to merit the concern of our professional staff.

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  • Manage the entire registration process
  • Prepare special registration packets unique to your event
  • Arrange for continuing education units and other accreditation as needed
  • Prepare certificates for attendees
  • Arrange for leisure time activities
  • Provide comprehensive on-site management for your entire event
  • Make recommendations for consideration in future events

Post Activity Reporting

After your activity is over our professional team will wrap up all the dozens of details that occur in connection with your event.

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  • Computerized lists of attendees, presenters, and exhibitors
  • A general summary of evaluations
  • An overall conference summary report
  • Income and expense reports

Contact Information

Professional Education Programs
and Services

221 10th Avenue E
Menomonie, WI 54751

Phone: 715.232.2793
Fax: 715.232.3385



Daniel Ruefman: 2015 Computers & Writing Conference Chair, Department of English and Philosophy, UW-Stout 

"During the national Computers & Writing Conference, the Professional Education Programs and Services office was indispensable. From the day the event was announced to the weeks following the conference, the support staff anticipated our needs and provided access to resources that ensured our event would be a success." 

Daniel Zerr: 2015 Red Cedar Watershed Planning Committee, Natural Resources Educator, University of Wisconsin - Extension

"Thanks to the Stout staff for all the work they did. The conference was fantastic. I'm proud to work on such a great event."