Principles of Lean

Get your employees speaking the language of Lean by attending this one-day Lean 101 workshop incorporating interactive instruction and hands-on simulation. The more your employees understand the concepts of Lean and appreciate the possibilities of its implementation, the more success you will have of developing a company-wide culture of process improvement.

Who Should Attend

  • Company leaders exploring the potential of implementation of Lean at their company
  • New or existing employees in need of gaining general knowledge of Lean, the terminology and potential benefits of company-wide implementation of Lean
  • Business professionals that need a refresher on Lean principles

A Lean Enterprise produces more with existing resources by eliminating non-value-added activities. By enlisting the involvement of all, company employees can identify areas of inefficiency and establish a systematic approach to eliminating non-value-added waste by creating a more streamlined process flow throughout the entire company. As a result, the Lean Enterprise eliminates overproduction caused by traditional scheduling systems, makes only what the customer wants when they need it, and is totally committed to producing high-quality products that exceed customer demands.

Attendees will learn the principles and tools of Lean Manufacturing and apply them in a simulated factory as a member of the production team for Buzz Electronics. By applying Lean concepts and tools such as standardized work, visual signals, batch-size reduction, pull Kanban systems and more, participants will experience firsthand how Lean process improves quality, reduces cycle time, improves delivery performance, and reduces work in process.

Benefits of Lean Process Improvement

  • Reduced cycle time (25 – 90%)
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced inventory (10 – 50%)
  • Increased profits
  • Reduced work-in-process (30 – 90 %)
  • Increased sales
  • Increased productivity (10 – 50%)
  • Improved quality
  • Increased employee involvement

Feedback from Past Participants

“Very good hands-on approach.”

“Very pertinent to real life.”

“Eye opening. We had fun, but also learned.”

“Made you think to improve.”  


“Held our attention.”

“It was right on the money.”