Course Credit Option

Course Credit Option

Course Title: FCSE 720 Special Topics, Family and Consumer Sciences Education:  Celebrating 30 Years of the FCSE Conference

Instructor: Diane Klemme, Communications Technology Bldg,  120, 715.232.2546

Credits: One graduate credit

Course Description: Resources and trends in Family and Consumer Education content for middle and high school teachers. Attendance at the 2014 FCSE Conference at UW-Stout is mandatory.

Tuition: Wisconsin resident (as qualified for tuition purposes) is $421.98; Other students interested in credit need to contact 715.232.2693 for tuition amount.

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe resources and content trends in family relations, child development, child care, parenting, consumer economics, family housing, foods and nutrition, food service, and clothing and textiles.
  2. Explain recent FCS curriculum trends, practical reasoning and authentic assessment strategies.
  3. Design a plan to update Family and Consumer Sciences middle and high school courses using current trends and resources in subject matter content, practical reasoning and authentic assessment strategies.

Course Evaluation:

  1. Develop a written paper summarizing current trends in FCSE subject matter content, resources, curriculum, assessment and practical reasoning.
  2. Develop a written plan to update/revise middle and/or high school courses using trends in content, curriculum and assessment.
  3. Summary paper and written plan is due on December 2nd, 2014.

Credit students must register for both the course and the conference.

Course Outline

  1. Content Update in Family and Consumer Education (Objective 1 & 3)
    • Family Relations
    • Child Development
    • Parenting
    • Foods and Nutrition
    • Consumer Economics
    • Housing
    • Family and Consumer Services
      • Food Service
      • Child Care Service
      • Family and Community Service
  2. Curriculum Update in Family and Consumer Education (Objective 2 & 3)
    • Curriculum trends
    • Assessment trends