Alerts and Crime Notices

Technical Assistance Hoax Timely Notice 14 April 2011

Overview of Information ASK5000 has reported to University Police that at least two female students have been contacted by an unknown person, by phone, identifying himself as an employee and asking them to download software. This individual is NOT an ASK5000 employee. We do not have the person identified but do not believe, at this point, that there was any illegal activity.

How does Campus IT contact you? ASK5000 will not contact you unless you have requested laptop repair assistance. If you ever have any questions or wondering if the caller is legitimate, hang up and dial X5000 to talk directly to a technician.

What to do next? If you feel you have been a victim of this person or somehow you computer security may have been compromised, please contact ASK5000 to have your laptop scanned. If the technicians feel that a crime has been committed, they will in turn contact University Police


Emergency Notifications

FLASHbrief emergency communications is different from a Timely Notice. The campus-wide emergency communications will be sent to campus during a critical incident to give you short, succinct directions regarding responding to the crisis. 

Fb circle iconYou should see this logo in the lower right hand corner of your computer screen. If you do not, download the software to receive emergency pop-up messages during critical incidents.

Alerts and Crime Notices

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