Campus Visitors

Tobacco Free Campus

UW-Stout will become tobacco free on September 1, 2010. State Statute does regulate smoking within 25 feet of a residence hall building which could result in a citation being issued from a University Police Officer. Any other violations of the policy will be handled through work rule and bystander intervention.  For more information, read through the Tobacco Free Campus FAQ's.


Safety of you and your belongings while on campus

Insert a short statement on keeping themselves safe and items that they bring with them.

Parking on campus

Parking is regulated throughout the year, even when classes are not in session. If you are visiting for a short time, consider using our convenient meters that are placed throughout campus. If you would be visiting a faculty or staff person, have them coordinate getting a permit for you. For more information on visitor parking.

Alerts and Crime Notices

There are no active alerts

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