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Available. Accessible. Approachable

You will see these three words appearing throughout our agency. These three words describe who we are and our goals in reaching out to you as our customer.

Our Mission

To Serve and Protect UW-Stout’s Unique and Diverse Community

Our Organization

We are a State-certified police agency vested with providing law enforcement services for UW-Stout at all times.

We actively patrol campus with marked patrol vehicles supported by bicycle and foot patrol officers whenever possible.

All officers have met or exceeded the training requirements of the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

University Police is within the Student Life Services Division. The Executive Director of Student Life Services is Scott Griesbach

The Department of Police and Parking Services provides 24-hour service to the university in the areas of protection, emergency services and law enforcement.

University Police Officers patrol the campus and are available to help students, faculty, staff, and guests in need of assistance.  

Alerts and Crime Notices

Campus Security Alert - Report of Weapon
Thursday, October 13
UW-Stout Campus Security Alert Date: October 12, 2016 Re: Report of person (or persons) with a gun Location: Primary location identified as CKTO residence hall University Police has recently been made aware of some individuals saying that they have witnessed a person (or persons) holding/displaying what appears to be a handgun. The reports are all in or near the CKTO residence hall. In all cases, University Police have been notified or have become aware of the reporting several days or hours after the incidents/sighting has actually occurred. At this point, University Police have not recovered any weapon nor have had contact with anyone known to have a weapon related to these reports. While we have not been able to verify these incidents, we continue to investigate each of them and feel it is important to notify campus of them. As a Campus Security Alert, we provide you with information as to how to respond to an incident such as this. • If you would see anyone in possession of what you believe is a weapon, get to a safe place and dial 911 immediately. • Be ready to provide a description of the weapon and the person or persons that are in possession of or in the area. • Stay in the safe place. • Officers will be responding to the information you provide and for their safety in the response, we would ask that you not post anything on social media. We do not believe that members of the campus community are in immediate danger or that a significant threat to personal safety is imminent. If a report would come in that there would be an immediate concern, we would send a message through the StoutAlerts system identified as an Emergency Notification.

University Police Department

Patrol Officers are on campus at all times

24 hour police line:
715-232-2222ext. 1

Emergency phone:


Campus Location:

110 University Services Building

Administrative Office Hours:

7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday (excluding Holiday)


817 South Broadway Room 110
Menomonie, WI 54751

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