Pathways Forward Campaign Opportunities

Philanthropic opportunities for our comprehensive campaign
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Our Pathways Forward campaign is designed to support areas that are most critical to our students' continued success. The following initiatives will help to grow and strengthen UW-Stout for the future. While this list contains the main priorities of the campaign, other ideas continue to be generated to meet the needs of the university and the passion of our donors.

Foundation Scholarship

Student Scholarships:

Our scholarship program places high priority on providing students with the opportunity to attend and stay at UW-Stout. Scholarships of all types have an immediate and influential impact on a student's life. 

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Faculty and Staff Professional Development

Faculty and Staff Professional Development:

The ability to support continuing education for our faculty and staff is critical to maintaining a cutting-edge curriculum, implementing the newest teaching methods, and developing partnerships with industry professionals and academic experts.  

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Chancellor's Fund for Teaching Excellence and Student Success

Chancellor's Fund for Teaching Excellence and Student Success: 

UW-Stout’s distinctive programs and focus on applied learning depend on attracting and retaining highly sought-after faculty and instructional staff. It is the connection our faculty and staff have with students that is the key to their success during their time on campus.

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Plastics Lab

Learning Environments Fund: 

UW-Stout’s hands-on polytechnic approach translates to applied learning
experiences that prepare students for their professional careers. The learning environments fund has been created to ensure innovative classrooms, laboratories and instructional technology remain a priority despite state-funding fiscal constraints.

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Hospitality and Tourism Professorship or Chair

Hospitality and Tourism Endowed Chair
or Professorship:

Providing the opportunity for a distinguished H&T faculty member to spend time strengthening critical industry partnerships, participate in a wide range of industry organizations, contribute at conferences, and integrate this knowledge directly into curriculum. 

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Child and Family Study Center

Child and Family Study Center Laboratory School:

Creating a state-of-the-art facility to link educational theory and hands-on practice for students from 12 different undergraduate and graduate courses.  

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Packaging Matters

Packaging Matters Laboratory Modernization:

Creating the cutting-edge, sustainable learning environments that will provide students with a better understanding of industry requirements, theories,and problem-solving skills. 

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Digital Process Laboratory

Digital Process Laboratory:

Creating a clean contemporary makers space and central hub for creative innovation in the fine art and design fields.  

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Automation and Robotics Laboratory

Automation and Robotics Laboratory: 

Providing students with an environment that combines technology, philosophy, and hands-on experiences to prepare them for the automated systems and emerging technologies in today's evolving workplace. 

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Wood and Metal Process Laboratory

Wood and Metal Process Laboratory: 

This new fabrication space is a vital link in the chain for over 1,000 students and 50 different classes. This space will include a wood shop, metals/welding area, paint/spray booth, and the tools and resources students need to create and fabricate in today's creativity driven workplace. 

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Food and Beverage Research Laboratory

Food and Beverage Research Laboratory: 

This stadium-style classroom will contain 35 individual tasting stations for students to conduct sensory research of beverages and food. 

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Biology Lab

Student Research Fund: 

Student research projects vary greatly, from applying cutting-edge technology in a lab, to studying societal issues around the world. Undergraduate research projects provide a unique opportunity for students to apply all they have learned at UW-Stout, while making a tangible impact on communities near and far.

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Softball Complex

Softball Complex: 

The new complex has been designed to address the playability of dirt, provide an environment for student-athletes to train, and provide an atmosphere where Stout softball can showcase their program. 

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Multipurpose Soccer Field

Multipurpose soccer and recreation field: 

An upgraded turf field will help to maximize the efficiency and usability of the field to meet the demand of our student athletes, student recreation, intramurals, K-12 club teams and the Menomonie community. 

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Fashion Without Fabric

Fashion Without Fabric:

Freshman students in the 3D design classes apply their knowledge of the principles and elements of design to create a wearable fashion using anything but fabric. Students can apply and be judged by a panel of School of Art and Design Faculty for the opportunity to win a scholarship prize. 

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Fostering Success

Fostering Success:

As the first program in the UW System offering informed and intentional support to foster youth, UW-Stout’s Fostering Success is dedicated to providing guidance, advocacy, and resources to help youth who have been in foster care, homeless or orphaned to earn a college degree.

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security:

Providing students and faculty with state-of-the-art equipment, software and training that mirrors the future direction of information technology is vital to the success of the Cyber Security program. 

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Blue Devil Basketball

Blue Devil Club: 

The Blue Devil Club provides ongoing support for all UW-Stout intercollegiate athletics and our student-athletes.  

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Office of International Education

Study Abroad Scholarship Fund: 

Study abroad allows students more time to gain soft skills such as intercultural competence, adaptability, tolerance for ambiguity,
confidence, problem-solving, communication, interpersonal, and language skills that employers are seeking in graduates.

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Center for the Study and Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

Initiative to create a Center for the Study and Promotion 
of Health and Wellbeing

In our current society, the effects of mental health, substance abuse, obesity and other life-threatening health issues are pressing concerns. Student research in the area of health and wellbeing has the potential to positively impact public health issues. The Center can provide students and faculty with the opportunity to conduct research, participate in capstone projects, facilitate focus groups and utilize various data collection methods to analyze current and community and campus health initiatives. 

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