UW-Stout Policies

University Policies

Following is a SEQUENTIAL INDEX of the current UW-Stout all-university policies.  Breaks in consecutive numbering result from deletion of obsolete policies.

Policy Title
Key Terms Status
Contract Management Policy
Contracts; agreements
76-2 Human Subjects
Institutional Review Board (IRB); rights protection; research 
Facility Use
Buildings; grounds 
Designation of Emeritus Status
Retired; retiring; retirement
76-16 Employment and Contractual Relationships
77-20 Physical Plant Operations and Chargebacks
Costs; repair; maintenance; construction
82-31 Establishment and Revision of Rate and Fee Schedules
Auxiliary and segregated fees 
Closing the University in Emergency Situations
Building Supervision
Hours; supervisor; manager 
Alcohol Beverages in Non-Instructional Settings
Beer; tailgatingUnder revision
84-39 Physical Plant Alterations
Remodel; construction 
85-40 Definition of Teaching, Scholarly Activity and Service
Instruction; research; scholarship 
85-42 Administrative Cost Assessment for Program Revenue Activities
Overhead; support
Naming of Facilities at UW-Stout
Buildings; donors; gifts 
86-44 Cooperative Education Full Time Equivalency
Co-ops; internships 
Segregated Fee Assessment
Seg-fee; waivers 
86-46 Exit Interview Policy
Terminating employment 
Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
EEO/AA; discrimination; harassment; diversity   
86-48 Patent Policy
Intellectual property (IP) rights; inventions 
Bell and Flag Policy
89-50 Disability Accommodation Policy for Employees
Handicapped; impairment  
90-52 Identity and Publications Standards Policy
Branding; seal; logo
90-61 Non-Discrimination Policy
Harassment; diversity
91-53 Sexual Harassment Policy
91-54 Development of All-University Policy
92-55 Tobacco Free Policy
Cigarettes; smoking; smokeless Revised
93-56 Gifts-In-Kind Given to the University
93-57 Research Misconduct Policy
Honesty; integrity 
94-59 Complimentary Ticket Policy
96-60 Internal/External Financial Management Audit
Internal controls; auditor 
02-62 Web Information Policy Online publishing Under revision
04-63 Standard Revenue Split with WiSys Intellectual property (IP); patents
04-64 Asbestos Management Policy
07-61 Criminal Background Check Policy
Position of trust; hiring

Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy

IT; security; email; privacyUnder review


Comprehensive Security Policy for Information Technology IT; FERPA; personal identifiable information (PII)Under review
11-68 Student Non-Discrimination Policy Diversity; harassment
12-69 Memorials for Deceased Students Policy  
12-70 Service Animal Policy Dog; accommodation;
13-72 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Policy Executive Order #54; EO54  
13-73 Financial Conflict of Interest Policy Research; funding
14-74Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Alcohol and Tobacco ProductsCigarettes; beer Under revision
14-75Classroom Utilization PolicySpace; class scheduling; laboratory
15-76 Volunteer PolicyCamps; children; minors; background 
16-77 Program Revenue Reserve Fund and Balance CategorizationPR reserve funds 
16-78Children in the Workplace  
 16-79Minor Protection and Adult Leadership  In development 

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