Frequently Asked Questions

How can I encourage my student to become involved on campus?

If they are living in the residence halls, there are sponsored activities nearly every week. Most halls and many floors have intramural sports teams. Varsity athletic events are fun for spectators as well as participants, and the new outdoor recreation program and indoor climbing wall are outstanding.

UW-Stout has more than 130 clubs and student organizations, and most program majors are associated with one or more professional organizations. These groups help students understand more about the field they are entering and offer camaraderie with classmates in the major. UW-Stout has more than ten religious organizations, nine Greek social organizations and several multicultural organizations that bring activities and great information to campus throughout the year. There are also many special interest groups and recreation club sports, ranging from outdoor activity and sky diving, to the concerts and lectures committees that bring big name talent to perform on campus.

The Stout Student Association is the body of student government. They are frequently seeking people to fill committee positions.

Employment on campus is another way to get involved, and more than 2,000 jobs are available for students at UW-Stout.

The best advice you can offer as a parent is to direct your son or daughter to the Student Organization Center, lower level, Memorial Student Center. We will do our best to help them find ways to get involved.

How are roommate disputes handled at Stout?

We do our best to place students with someone that matches their learning and social styles based on their preferences, yet sometimes it is difficult to click and from time to time things just don't work out. Our RAs are trained to help students through possible roommate issues and we encourage students to try to work through them before making a room change. 

The RA can help students plan for this conversation. If in the end the chemistry just isn't there, talk with the RA and Hall Director to find out what options are available to for the student.  Please note that students can't force their roommate out of the room if s/he doesn't want to leave. Yet, they can request to move to another space. 

Up until a few days before move-in when a campus-wide room freeze goes into effect, a student may search and request an open space through the Housing Gateway.  After their campus arrival, check with the Hall Director regarding open spaces across campus.

For more information, check out Housing and Residence Life.

Do students remain on campus over the weekend?

A majority (75 percent) of our students stay on campus two or more weekends each month, and 55 percent stay on campus most weekends (three or four). There is a lot to do on campus, in the community, and in the surrounding area. Our students take part in many different activities, whether it be sporting events, clubs, recreation, or working a job.

For more information, check out Housing and Residence Life.

Do men and women actually live together in the same dorms?

Yes, men and women occupy separate living areas (wings, cubes, or floors) within the same residence hall. Each gender has their own bathroom facilities, but they share the other common spaces (including lounges, computer labs, study rooms and game rooms).

For more information, check out Housing and Residence Life.

How will my student register for classes?
What guidance services are available for academic planning?

New students are required to attend an in-person registration program. Freshmen meet in groups with an advisor to discuss and schedule typical first semester courses in general education and, if they have declared one, introductory courses in their specific major; transfers meet one-to-one with an advisor to discuss how their transferred credits apply to the UW-Stout major, then select and schedule appropriate courses to continue progress toward finishing a degree.

By the time registration takes place, it is assumed new students have researched their interest area/major and are ready to plan a schedule of classes; it is not a time for inquiry and career exploration. Any students who need assistance in exploring majors and careers are recommended to visit the UW-Stout listing of undergraduate programs, Career Exploration Services, and/or contact the Admissions Office to schedule a campus visit before their registration day.

Scheduling for classes requires some flexibility as students attempt to make their ideal schedule fit with the reality of class availability. There will indeed be times when your son or daughter will need to register for a class that meets at 8 a.m. and even classes that meet on Friday. Of more concern are classes that fill up that are part of a sequence, or are offered only once per year. In all cases where a student needs assistance negotiating his or her class schedule we recommend they visit their Program Advisor, or the Advisement Center and/or the Registration and Records Office.

Will my student find a job when she graduates?

UW-Stout has excellent placement rates. To maximize the probability for students getting a job in their major or related to their major, the student should complete all of the suggested activities identified on the student section of the Career Services web site.

For more information, visit the Career Services web site.