Transition Services

SVRI offers several services that help youth increase their self-determination and independence.
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What is Transition?

Transition is the journey that young people with disabilities inevitably encounter; in many cases, moving from high school to post-secondary education or employment. During this time, youth are likely to experience challenges or barriers. SVRI offers several services that help youth to maximize their strengths and effectively recognize and conquer barriers, allowing them to increase their self-determination and independence. If you are interested in learning more about how SVRI services can assist you with transition please contact us for further discussion.

Assistive Technology

  • Any product or piece of equipment used to maintain or improve the functional capabilities of people with disabilities is an assistive technology (AT) device.
  • Assistive Technology can be a powerful tool for a transition student, facilitating access to learning and maximizing their strengths. This may create a more inclusive educational experience. Upon moving out of education, Assistive Technology can be an essential component to an individual's first job. Our Assistive Technology services will consider individualized situations and work to meet each person's unique education, employment or other needs.
  • Our Assistive Technology department also has a driving simulator that allows students to evaluate their driving skills and complete training in a safe, realistic, simulated environment.
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Benefits Analysis

  • For individuals who expect to receive (or currently receive) disability benefits, a work incentive benefits analysis can help youth to determine how work will impact them and what incentives may be available to assist with reaching their employment goals.
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Employment Services

  • Typically for transition-aged students, learning how to get and keep a job is trial by fire. However, SVRI's employment services can offer an alternative to help students learn the ins and outs of employment applications, resumes, cover letters, presenting skills and limitations (when necessary) in a positive way, negotiating accommodations, arranging training opportunities and providing support in adjusting to a work setting.
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