Roadmap to Employment: Destination Success

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We take you on our journey to becoming an efficient Employment Specialist by providing tools and resources for success. We will be driving through 4 weeks of preparing you and your client to meet their goals for employment. Along that road we will also have detours for navigating job development and building community relationships. Destination Success.

Meet the Presenters: 

photo of MatonyaMatonya Wieczorek
After graduating from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology and Psychology, Matonya went on to spearhead the growth of a hospitality program for young adults on the Autism Spectrum throughout Tampa Bay. Her unique ability to intrinsically inspire those she works with, paired with her passion to instill a sense of independence and self-confidence in her customers, has attributed to her success rate in placing individuals and is a direct testament to her drive and determination. Through this experience and the knowledge she’s acquired as a native of the Tampa Bay area, Matonya has successfully created relationships with local employers and has acquired a thorough understanding of their hiring needs. Over the last seven years working with The Grow Group, Matonya has developed the Employment Specialist Training and Development curriculum and team and has implemented policies and procedures to enhance the efficiency of the team. In recent years, Matonya has been in the community advocating for equal access to public transportation by actively participating as a committee member on the HART ADA Accessibility Committee Meeting in Hillsborough County. Most recently, she has been appointed to the Florida Center for Inclusive Communities/UCEDD (FCIC), Community Advisory Committee (CAC). Matonya believes each person deserves the chance to work and to be as independent as they choose.

photo of BryanBryan Flores
Bryan is a former loan consultant, having worked in the mortgage and banking industry for over 7 years, Bryan has acquired years of sales, customer service and finance experience, further developing strengths in communication and relationship building. Since coming to The Grow Group in 2017 he has one of the highest job placement rates and retention rates and continues to create relationships throughout the Tampa Bay area due to his diligent job developing efforts. Bryan believes that everyone deserves a chance to feel valued and part of the working community, and has a goal of empowering individuals by working with them side by side while working towards achieving their personal goals. Over the last five years working with The Grow Group, Bryan has also been tasked with developing / building various programs from their early stages, Bryan works as a program coordinator under our workforce development branch, and runs our Latinos In Finance Program, a program dedicated to promoting employment opportunities within banking for the Latinx community. Bryan obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from the University of South Florida, while also earning various certifications that include Supported Employment, HIPAA, and Career Coach via IAP Career College.