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Chantel joined DVR-WI in 2021. She has a background in business development, marketing and sales-and has worked in the California wine industry. Chantel has served as an interpreter for individuals who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Currently, she is the DVR Business Services Consultant in the South-Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Area.  Chantel works with WI businesses to learn about challenges they experience attracting and retaining an engaged, productive, and happy team that truly has a sense of belonging. She has recently presented on the challenges and opportunities that exist with many generations in the workforce. Chantel often shares that she really enjoys assisting employers recruit from DVR's diverse talent pool, developing retention strategies in partnership with employers, and training teams on the subjects of diversity, equity, and inclusion. She whole-heartedly feels she has the best job in DWD/DVR!

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Presentation: Business Services: Best Practices