Work Incentive Benefits Analysis

We take the time and effort to investigate and explain your benefits.
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Fear of losing benefits is a common concern for people with disabilities who want to work. SVRI’s benefits specialists explain the effect that working will have on an individual’s benefits and dispel some of the myths about working while receiving benefits. This information can help the individual to make an informed choice.

What is involved in a Work Incentive Benefits Analysis? 
The individual and the benefits specialist discuss the individual’s current benefits, anticipated earnings, specific questions, and anything else relevant to their financial situation. Benefits specialists can meet with individuals in their community;  if preferred, they can provide the service via phone or video call.

The benefits specialist then verifies and analyzes benefits the individual receives such as Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicare, Medicaid, FoodShare, energy assistance, housing assistance, and any others.

An individualized report outlines the following:

  • Explanation of current benefits
  • Relevant work incentives
  • Answers to the individual’s specific questions
  • Calculations and specific events that will occur in work scenarios being considered
  • Comparison of the individual’s current financial situation with earnings and benefits in work scenarios

At the conclusion, the work incentive benefits specialist, individual, and anyone else invited by the individual such as family or Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) counselor meet to discuss the report and ensure that the information provided is understood. The work incentive benefits specialist is also available to answer questions in the year following the report. This can help diminish future concerns as they may arise when returning to work.

Additional Services 
Work Incentive Benefits Plan and Meeting is a way to enhance the Work Incentive Benefits Analysis. A benefits specialist will help you develop a plan to maximize your earning potential, guide you through the process of reporting your earnings, and help you navigate the benefit systems you are involved in. 

Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS) is a way for a person to save money to purchase items or services needed to reach a vocational goal. In order to pursue this option, a specific vocational goal is needed with the intention to decrease dependence on Social Security benefits by the completion of the PASS. SVRI provides assistance with developing plans.