Pre-Driving Evaluation & Training

SVRI's Pre-Driving Evaluation provides people with disabilities feedback about their ability to drive.
In this Section

A driving simulator provides an opportunity for individuals to safely practice skills necessary for driving. Many types of situations are available to allow individuals to apply their knowledge in a realistic, but simulated, environment. This allows SVRI staff to evaluate a potential driver's strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations. The driving simulator training can be individualized and range from basic to advanced. 

What skills are assessed for driving? 

  • Motor Skills including strength capacity testing and reaction time to brake. 
  • Cognitive Abilities including speed management and driving accuracy. 
  • Visual Capacities including perception of shapes and colors, remembering shapes and colors, and overall memorization.
  • General Driving Abilities such as following instructions, performing multiple tasks simultaneously, decision making, problem solving, and concentration.