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A life changing experience.
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Choose growth over fear! Join us for Leadership Academy Phase I, a dynamic four-day workshop that trains executives, managers, supervisors, and personnel to achieve specific outcomes.


Leadership Academy Phase I 

March 7-8 & 14-15, 2019  |  8:00am-4:30pm
29 Pines Event Center  |  5872 33rd Avenue  |   Eau Claire, WI
1-2 participants $975  |  3 or more participants $925

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DAY 1 - A Foundation for You to Improve

Specific outcomes include:
  1. Determine leadership strengths, weaknesses and growth opportunities.
  2. Improve ability to read people and help them develop to full potential.
  3. Use specific strategies to help motivate others.
  4. Learn how to use a process to develop clear performance expectations.
          ...and more!

This session provides a foundation for you to improve effective communication, motivate others and develop teams. 


Welcome & Introductions 
Assignment of learning teams
Expectations – GWEN Activity
Leadership Hierarchy 
Impact of leadership  
Personal mastery overview 
Common threads of learning, comfort zones and learning zones 
Personal Power and Control and In-depth Leader’s MBTI 
Leadership from the Inside Out     
CIQ Process   
Learning team and key learnings, Wilson assignment. Stop Challenge and Choose

DAY 2 - Choose the Best Leadership Approach

Specific outcomes include:
  1. Understand/identify key past life experiences that influence leadership.
  2. Use a thought process to decide response to stress/distress situations.
  3. Determine levels of motivation that affect you and your team.
  4. Understand the difference between character and persona.
          ...and more!

Using the Human Development Flow Chart and a leadership styles assessment, you will learn how to choose the best leadership approach to specific and critical leadership situations. You also will learn the keys to motivating others and begin to create your personal leadership development plan


Warm Up Activity  
Wilson learning team report out 
The Human Behavior Flow Chart and personal decision making  
Personal Development plans  
Persona, character, shadows  
Enhancement of Human Behavior Flow Chart 
The drama triangle 
Leadership Style Assessment – six styles of emotional intelligence 
CIQ, Leadership Development Plans, Wilson assignment 

DAY 3 - Apply Strategies and Techniques

Specific outcomes include:
  1. Understand the elements of effective communications.
  2. Apply tactics and tools to increase leadership effectiveness.
  3. Apply techniques for overcoming resistance to change.
  4. Apply principles of effective delegation.
          ...and more!

Learn how to apply strategies and techniques to improve communication, effectively delegate, manage conflict and overcome resistance to change. You'll also complete a delegation guide for your job situation, and practice the process of applying solution-focused questions. 


Warm up activity and your Learning Team Report Out
Leadership styles and leadership choices – gap assessment where you are and need to get to as a leader 
Zand video and discussion     
Interpersonal competencies – listening, suspended, deep & dialogue process 
Conflict style assessment 
Conflict Resolution Skills and Strategies
Solution focused questions 
Positive discipline process 
Leadership development plans, CIQ and Wilson assignments

DAY 4 - Apply Key Learnings

Specific outcomes include:
  1. Understand the power of delivering positive expectations.
  2. Apply tools and techniques to deal with difficult people.
  3. Determine how to correct low performance.
  4. Complete your leadership vision, values and mission document.
          ...and more!

Improve your ability to apply key learnings and gain specific strategies and techniques to improve your positive leadership impact. You'll receive feedback about your personal leadership development plan and present your plan to your learning team.


Spirit in the workplace 
Play to Win and Learning Team Report Out 
Trust and Betrayal and the Value of Trust
Leadership development plan sharing 
Respect as the foundation for emotional intelligence 
Expect a miracle          
Tactics and tools to deploy within 1-3 days 
GWEN Expectations
Report out of application ideas, certificates of completion

Leadership Academy Phase II 

September 25 | 1/2 day
October 23 | full day
Nov 6 | 1/2 day
Nov 13 | 1/2 day
29 Pines Event Center  |  5872 33rd Avenue  |   Eau Claire, WI

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A small group of individuals who have completed Leadership Academy Phase I meet for three half days and one full day with an expert facilitator to continue and reinforce their leadership development journey.

These cohort groups provide an appropriate confidential sounding board and support for each member. Participants learn from each other and from an expert leadership facilitator.

At the end of each meeting, individuals develop a plan to apply a new leadership strategy, tactic, or technique to improve their leadership and performance within their organization. They then report about the implementation of their plan at the next cohort group meeting.

"I learned a lot about myself and some of the reasons why I do what I do."
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