2015-2016 Estimated Expenses

The estimated cost of attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout for a nine-month academic year is:


30 Credits*

18 Credits**

ESL Institute

24 credits***

Tuition and Fees (see 1 below)
$17,609.00 $15,745.00 $10,407.00
Housing (double occupancy) (see 2 below)
3,960.00 3,960.00 3,960.00
Food and Living Expenses (on-campus)
3,100.00 3,100.00 3,100.00
Books, Supplies, Other Instructional Costs
225.00 225.00 0.00
Health Insurance (student only) (see 3 below)
1,427.00 1,427.00 1,427.00
Total $26,321.00 $24,457.00 $18,894.00
* 15 credits per semester    ** 9 credits per semester  ***12 credits per semester


  1. Tuition and fees are required to be paid at the beginning of each semester. Costs for tuition and fees are based on estimated increases for the coming year and are subject to change.
  2. Many international students live and eat on campus. The housing contract reserves your room and meal plan for the school year, and you can also choose to live on campus during the summer (no summer meal plan available). Suite-style housing is available on campus at a cost of $4,850 for the academic year. Some students choose to live off campus, and costs are similar, depending upon the type of apartment. 

  3. Additional health insurance cost estimates (academic year):
    Spouse — $1,427.00
    Each child — $1,427.00

    Health insurance is mandatory.

Dependents: Support of dependents is not included in the above estimates. An additional $8,000 yearly (including insurance) is estimated for support of spouse and $5,500 (including insurance) for each child. In order to receive a Visa for spouse and children you must show that you have funds to cover their expenses. Funds are not available in Menomonie or at UW-Stout to cover these costs.

Please Note: An annual increase in total expenses of approximately eight percent should be taken into consideration when making financial plans for more than one year of study at UW-Stout.