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David Ding talks about using a mixture of teaching strategies.

David Ding

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David Ding teaches Operation Management, Quality Concepts, and Production Operations Management. Of these, his favorite is Production Operation Management; it is an introductory, 200-level course and covers all topics in the field. He finds sometimes it helps students focus their careers.

To help his students understand, David attends workshops offered by the Naktani Teaching and Learning Center and talks to senior faculty, always looking for new ideas. He often uses simulations to teach how something works, like balancing production lines. He will use case studies for similar reasons. David has students using real life examples, like choosing a location for a new business. This class project uses web sites and resources to discover how to start a business, both where and why.

When Ding teaches, he uses a mixture of strategies, depending on the topic he and the class are working on. He works at connecting with his students, helping them if they make mistakes, whether in or out of class, and being a friend or older brother to them. He finds Stout students to be bright and creative, like his students at Nebraska, except students here know more about the world.

“The environment at Stout is very good,” he said. “Both the Nakatani Center and the senior faculty are very helpful and I feel I can knock on any door and talk about teaching.”