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Kat Lui

Kat Lui

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Since the fall of 2001, Kat Lui has taught at UW-Stout. She has instructed a mix of undergraduate courses in training and organizational leadership as well as a graduate seminar and a graduate management course. One of her favorite courses is the Management and Coordination of Training and Development.

Helping her students “get it,” Lui believes, is best achieved with loads of class interaction and discussion. She especially encourages students to ask questions both in class and online through D2L.

Kat uses learning plans in her courses. At the beginning of the semester, students develop their individual learning plan, listing their objectives for the course, as well as their “horizon”—the goal they will reach by the end of the course. Not only do they take ownership of their learning, they create a vision, a horizon of what their learning may look like. As the course develops and students know more, the horizons tend to change. Changed horizons modify learning events so students can conduct activities that lead to the horizon.

An innovation Lui has introduced is the “poster tour.” She asks students to critique a peer-reviewed article and prepare a poster of their critique. Students then participate in a gallery tour of posters created by fellow students. The unstructured dialogue that occurs during the tours, much like the dialogue at a poster session at a conference, creates opportunities for deeper learning for all students.

“I would love to spice up online learning with some audio/visual interactivity. Perhaps use Skype on a regular basis with students,” says Kat. She hopes to try those few things in the future.