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Nasser Hadid discusses teaching with laptops.

Nasser Hadidi

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Nasser Hadidi has been teaching all levels of Statistics, and sometimes Math, at UW-Stout for thirty-three years. In fact, his favorite course to teach is Statistics, appealing to his actuarial interest.

Hadidi feels that the laptop greatly enhances teaching. By using laptops in class, Nasser familiarizes students with SPSS and Excel which facilitates the students’ learning process. Another helpful aspect of computers in his class is that they provide an ease to the arithmetic; statistics involve many numerical manipulations, and computer programs facilitate that process, especially Excel. Students can focus more on learning the Statistics and less on worrying about the arithmetic.

After forty years of teaching, Nasser has found that using computers is his favorite teaching strategy. His students can now go farther faster because the labor is easier. “We have always had to do this work, but now we do it together, and it is very exciting,” he said. “Even with forty students in a class, this provides instant feedback. Often about five to ten students have trouble learning this, but eventually they “get it.”

Dr. Hadidi said he would be glad to share what he is doing with this technology and how it works with anyone.