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Showcase Interview

Kiki Gorbatenko-Roth discusses applied experiences.

Kiki Gorbatenko-Roth

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Kiki Gorbatenko-Roth has been teaching at UW-Stout since the fall of 1997. She teaches graduate level courses in Health Psychology and Program Evaluation. She has also taught undergraduate mental-health-based courses.

Kiki's favorite course to teach is the Practicum in Program Evaluation.The practicum course culminates previous semesters of learning, resulting in multiple epiphanies—“I get it” moments for students—because it focuses on applied experiences. Specifically, each student is required to identify, plan for, implement, successfully complete and report on his or her own independent real-world evaluation project with an external stakeholder. It is wonderful and gratifying to watch the peer-supervision among the students as each student shares his/her project with the others throughout the semester.

As you might expect from someone who enjoys teaching through facilitating applied experiences, Kiki uses strategies that engage the students. Incorporating real-world stories and a constructivist approach, one of her strategies entails using a modified Socratic method. This particular approach allows her to more fully engage students in dialogue about class concept. Specifically, she has each student identify the constructs for which he/she has the most interest/concern/difficulty and then Kiki poses those as questions during class. As a result, Kiki can answer the most relevant questions the students may have instead of relying solely on a predetermined lecture outline, and she can engage the students with material that is geared toward their learning interests.