Faculty College

Sponsored by UW System Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID), Faculty College provides an annual opportunity for UW System faculty and academic staff to unite in concentrated study and discussion aimed at improving undergraduate teaching and learning. Some 100 participants attend three days of intensive, interdisciplinary seminars on topics related to teaching and learning.

The additional UW-Stout faculty invited to attend Faculty College are:


  • Robert Fraher, CAHSS
  • Tina Lee, CAHSS
  • John Scheffler, CSTEM


  • John Kirk, CSTEM
  • Silvia Ruiz-Tresgallo, CAHSS
  • Kevin Tharp, CSTEM
  • Todd Zimmerman, CSTEM
  • Kevin Mason, CEHHS


  • Jennifer Grant, CSTEM
  • Jeanette Kersten, COM
  • Lorraine Mitchell, SOE
  • Ahmet Turkman, CSTEM


  • Inoussa Boubacar, CAHSS
  • Ted Harris, COM
  • Lamin Kassama, CEHHS


  • Jean-Marie Dauplaise, CAHSS
  • Susan Hunt, CAHSS
  • Jeffrey Sweat, CAHSS
  • David Ding, COM
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More Information

More information about Faculty College may be found at: