This webinar is about growing SoTL at UW-Stout: Application and Significance Across Campus Cultures and Courses

What is Scholarship of Teaching and Learning?

At the core of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) philosophy is an understanding that intentionally studying teaching practices and student learning outcomes is crucial for producing excellence in instruction. In 1998, the Carnegie Foundation launched Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL). The idea for this program was based on a 1990 report, Scholarship Reconsidered, an article, Scholarship Assessed, and the work of Illinois State University faculty and their students. The CASTL program defines scholarship of teaching and learning as “systematic reflection on teaching and learning made public” and its goal is to support the development of instructional scholarship that: 

  1. fosters significant, long-lasting learning for all students,
  2. enhances the practice and profession of teaching, and
  3. brings to faculty members' work as teachers the recognition and reward afforded to other forms of scholarly work.1


The following is a collection of resources that have a long-term history in pursuing and supporting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research. The Nakatani Teaching and Learning Center encourages you to learn more about SoTL by exploring these websites.

The NTLC Library has several SoTL books and articles that it is always willing to loan out.


The program emphasizes the need and value of transforming teaching from a private, individualized activity to a more public forum that encourages evaluation by professional peers and the sharing of research results with others engaged in scholarship. SoTL actively values the exchange of scholarship across diverse disciplines and subject matter.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) encourages scholarly reflection, assessment, dissemination, critique and construction of a living body of knowledge, and an understanding and wisdom about teaching and learning.2 Mary Taylor Huber and Pat Hutchings have suggested that pursuance of SoTL means viewing the work of the classroom as a site for inquiry, asking and answering questions about students' learning in ways that can improve one's own classroom and also advance the larger profession of teaching. In other words, SoTL nurtures a deep curiosity about how, when, where and why people learn and how best to teach to create optimal learning opportunities.


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