About The Niche

 The Niche is a boutique on the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus run by Retail Merchandising and Management students under the direction of Professor Adel Mekraz.

Every semester, a group of students enrolled in the Retail Practicum/Co-op course attend trade shows and markets to buy product for the following semester. The students negotiate prices, quantities and deadlines with vendors and establish professional relationships.

The following semester, the students price and set up the items in store. Students enrolled in the course also work in The Niche during the week, replenish stock and track/analyze weekly sales. Check out the Spring 

2011 Retail Practicum students!

Professor and Niche director Adel Mekraz and his Retail Merchandising and Management students. About 2/3 of the class were enrolled in the Fall 2010 Retail Practicum course, the others in Winterm 2011. Both groups have combined to work in The Niche during the Spring 2011 semester.
The Niche