Professors receive sabbaticals, named Research Fellows

May 18, 2017

Jim Burritt, who has received a UW-Stout sabbatical, works in a biology lab.

More than 20 University of Wisconsin-Stout professors have been awarded sabbaticals or have been named Research Fellows for the 2017-18 academic year.

Seven professors have been granted sabbaticals, which enable recipients to engage in intensive study to become more effective teachers and scholars. Recipients are chosen based on the merit of past academic contributions. They are:

  • James Burritt, biology, fall; researching infectious diseases and defense mechanisms that resist pathogens, leading to new research opportunities for students
  • Alex DeArmond, design, full year; continuing original research in the emerging field of speculative design, with a focus on its relation to communication design practice and pedagogy, leading to new course curriculum
  • Elena Marshall, English and philosophy, spring; working on a book, “Campus Inclusive: A Handbook of Inclusive Best Practice Policies and Inventories for Institutions of Higher Education”
  • Nels Paulson, social science, full year; preparing LAKES REU research for publication, developing a lake-related study abroad program and expanding the campus Social Science Research Center
  • Shelley Pecha, design, fall; researching the design of health care environments, with the goal of strengthening the interior design program
  • Jongeun Rhee, operations and management, full year; research for a book, working title “A Critical Inquiry into the Influence of Renaissance ideals on Modern Men’s Wardrobe: Particularly in England, Italy, and North America” and research on international internship opportunities for apparel design students
  • Forrest Schultz, chemistry and physics, full year; researching and developing, with students and other UW System schools and entities, cost-effective and environmentally friendly wood preservation and fire retardant treatment processes

Two professors have been named Ethics Fellows, part of the Research Fellows program, which provides reassigned time to complete substantive research projects.

The Ethics Fellows are, along with the proposed titles of their research:

  • Tina Lee, social science, fall; “Functioning of the Child Welfare System in Rural Western Wisconsin”
  • Thomas Pearson, social science, spring; “Pathways of Power: Environmental Justice Along the Hydrocarbon Commodity Chain”

Laura McCullough, who has been named a UW-Stout Research Fellow, works with students in a physics class.

A total of 13 professors were named Research Fellows:

  • Jennifer Astwood, art and design, full year, with Discovery Center extension; “Digital Fabrication”
  • Wan Bae, mathematics, statistics and computer science, fall; “Smart Care and Smart Live”
  • Gregory Bard, mathematics, statistics and computer science, fall; “Algebraic and Statistical Cryptanalysis of Two Ciphers”
  • Lopa Basu, English and philosophy, spring; “Trauma, Memory, and Resistance in Contemporary Refugee Poetry”
  • Eric Brey, hospitality and tourism, fall; “Strategies for Co-creating Value in Organizations”
  • Dmitry Kadnikov, chemistry and physics, spring; “Development of Modular Chemical Probes for Detection of a Citrulline Amino Acid”
  • Jerry Kapus, English and philosophy, fall; “The Explanatory Role of Truth”
  • Laura McCullough, chemistry and physics, fall; “Women’s Leadership in STEM”
  • Daisy Pignetti, English and philosophy, fall; “Life Online Scholarship and Media Literacy Pedagogy”
  • Mary Spaeth, business, fall; “A Study of the Influence of Language Choice in Business Idea Pitching; Implications for Gendered Success”
  • John Spartz, English and philosophy, fall; “Building Community Through Iterative User Engagement in [Technical] Education Contexts”
  • Kevin W. Tharp, spring, Discovery Center-sponsored Fellow; “Virtual Reality in Pedagogy and Marketing”
  • Xiaoyan (Shawn) Xu, engineering and technology, fall; “Energy Harvesting Films: Development and Testing of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF)”

To see a list of previous Research Fellows, click here.



Top: Jim Burritt, who has received a UW-Stout sabbatical, works in a biology lab.

Bottom: Laura McCullough, who has been named a UW-Stout Research Fellow, works with students in a physics class.