New Web page makes it easier to get answers from university

December 23, 2013

The university recently debuted a page called One Stop Student Resources that includes links to just about every site a student would need. The site, which has a link on the UW-Stout home page, includes headings for Registration, Finances, Academic Planning and Resources.

The One Stop Web pageLinks under the headings include How to Register; Costs, Tuition and Fees; Graduate in Four Years; and University Policies. Additional links on the page include calendars and the Ask5000 computer help desk.

"The impetus for the one-stop shop idea came about as a result of students, families and even staff not knowing enough about what they are looking for to actually find it on the website," said Joan Thomas, dean of students. "This resulted in many phone calls to various offices, often resulting in multiple transfers of calls and obvious frustration.

"We are bringing the most common questions and inquiries for information to single location with the goal of providing an efficient 'one stop,' " Thomas added. "This page will evolve as necessary to provide up-to-date and requested information to our stakeholders."

Joan ThomasThe site is available either from a link on the UW-Stout home page or directly on the One Stop page.

"We labeled links using phrases that a student would understand, such as Pay the University instead of Student Business Services," said Britta Miller, new student orientation coordinator who chaired the project team. "I have been in contact with students who have personally thanked me and our team for putting this site together.

"It was a fun project to work on, as it brought together people from all over campus. It was a great collaboration of resources," Miller added.

The page was about a year in the making and had support from various departments on campus, including Admissions, Financial Aid, Advisement, Registration and Records, Student Business Services, Dean of Students, Student Life Services, the webmaster and Learning and Information Technology.