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High school students advance to state DECA competition

January 23, 2014

Holmen High School students took six first places to lead all schools in the 42nd annual DECA District One Career Development Conference Saturday, Jan. 11, at University of Wisconsin-Stout.

A total of 49 winners and runners-up advanced to the state Career Development Conference to be held March 18-20 in Lake Geneva.

Holmen also had the most state qualifiers with 10 followed by West Salem with seven, Eau Claire Memorial and Superior with five each and Glenwood City with four.

Students gather for the conference awards ceremony.About 500 students, representing 16 schools, competed as individuals and in team events. The other schools were Ashland, Chippewa Falls, Eau Claire North, Hudson, La Crosse Central, La Crosse Logan, Menomonie, Northwestern, Sparta, St. Croix Falls and Tomah.

Since 1946 DECA has provided co-curricular programs for students around the world interested in marketing, finance, hospitality and management careers.

The competition was hosted by the UW-Stout marketing and business education program and its affiliated Marketing and Business Education Association. Industry professionals from the region volunteered as event judges.

UW-Stout offers a bachelor's degree in marketing and business education, one of only two such programs in the UW System.


DECA District One Career Development Conference
Saturday, Jan. 11

Individual events

Accounting applications: 1. Lynsey Malin, Holmen; 2. Brandee Dittbrender, Northwestern

Apparel and accessories marketing: 1. Beka Risch, Holmen; 2. (tie) Janay Gunderman, Chippewa Falls, Austin Yadon, Superior

Automotive services marketing: 1. Ashley Taylor, Holmen; 2. Jake Hennessy, Glenwood City

Business finance: 1. Jordan Mason, Holmen; 2. Austin George, Holmen

Business services marketing: 1. Jeb Pflug, Northwestern; 2. Jessie Booth, Holmen

Food marketing: 1. Brennan Bahr, West Salem; 2. Andrew Saxton, La Crosse Central

Hotel and lodging management: 1. Rawia Mamoun, Superior; 2. Nick Schone, Glenwood City

Human resource management: 1. Cole Werner, Menomonie; 2. Jenny Russell, Eau Claire Memorial

Marketing management: 1. Kayla Piltz, Eau Claire Memorial; 2. Kim Yang, Eau Claire North

Quick serve restaurant management: 1. Erin Faella, West Salem; 2. Kendal Miller, La Crosse Logan

Restaurant and food service management: 1. Skyler Poulios, Hudson; 2. Elizabeth Gogolin, Holmen

Retail merchandising: 1. Allison Rigotti, West Salem; 2. Emily Reise, Tomah

Sports and entertainment marketing: 1. Jonah Zabel, Eau Claire Memorial; 2. Chiafukam O., Eau Claire Memorial

Principles of business management and administration: 1. Ben Sharp, West Salem; 2. Ashley Kromke, Holmen

Principles of finance: 1. Andrew Bauman, Glenwood City; 2. Tia Carlson, Glenwood City

Principles of hospitality and tourism: 1. Jinal Patel, West Salem; 2. Abby Maliszewski, West Salem

Principles of marketing: 1. Ethan Lo, Hudson; 2. Kate Sikyta, West Salem

Team events

Business law and ethics: 1. La Crosse Central (Erik Kemozek, Omar Jandal); 2. Chippewa Falls (MacKenzie Caron, Joseph Paquette).

Buying and merchandising: 1. Holmen (Sam Heiden, Cullin Trivett); 2. La Crosse Central (Sam Anglehart, Gracie Przywojski)

Financial services: 1. Holmen (MacKenzie Bruce, Solange Bayerl); 2. Eau Claire Memorial (Martin Bearson, Sean Geary)

Hospitality services: 1. Superior (Cody Anderson, Chris Carey); 2. Northwestern (Mitch Graskey, Mason Lombard)

Marketing communications: 1. Eau Claire North (Kevin Boeselager, Adam Fitzpatrick); 2. Superior (Daniel Mikel, Paxton Paine)

Sports and entertainment: 1. Superior (Leanna Carey, Giselle Sziron); 2. La Crosse Central (Robert Bagniewski, Adam Miller)

Travel and tourism: 1. Sparta (Madi Blaha, Jackie Page); 2. Menomonie (Colleen Harmer, Henry Zold)