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Board of Regents approves promotions, tenure for faculty

June 30, 2014

The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents has approved promotions and tenure recommendations for UW-Stout faculty effective for the 2014-15 academic year.

The listing includes the faculty member's name, department and new status:


  • Byron Anderson, apparel and communication technologies, professor
  • Kitrina Carlson, biology, professor
  • Naveen Chikthimmah, food and nutrition, associate professor

  • Alex DeArmond, design, associate professor
  • John Dzissah, operations and management, professor

  • Amy Fichter, art and art history, professor
  • Petre Ghenciu, mathematics, statistics and computer science, professor
  • Raghava Gundala, business,associate professor
  • Urs Haltinner, School of Education, professor
  • Joleen Hanson, English and philosophy, associate professor

  • Anne Hoel, business, professor
  • Matt Kuchta, physics, associate professor

  • Adel Mekraz, business, associate professor
  • Joan Menefee, English and philosophy, professor

  • Joan Navarre, English and philosophy, associate professor

  • Nels Paulson, social science, associate professor

  • Thomas Pearson, social science, associate professor
  • Matthew Ray, chemistry, associate professor
  • Kristin Risley, English and philosophy, professor
  • Laura Schmidt, mathematics, statistics and computer science, professor
  • David Seim, social science, associate professor
  • David Stricker, School of Education, associate professor
  • Hollace Teuber, speech communication, foreign languages, theatre and music, professor
  • Kathleen Thomas, social science, professor
  • Tim Tozer, art and art history, associate professor
  • Susan Wolfgram, human development and family studies, professor
  • Kim Zagorski, social science, associate professor


  • Wan Bae, mathematics, statistics and computer science
  • Michael Bessert, biology
  • Renee Chandler, School of Education
  • Kristal Gerdes, School of Hospitality Leadership
  • Kathryn Hamilton, psychology
  • Amitava Karmaker, mathematics, statistics and computer science
  • John Kirk, chemistry
  • John Klem, rehabilitation and counseling
  • Adam Kramschuster, engineering and technology
  • Amanda Little, biology
  • Georgios Loizides, social science
  • Elena Marshall, English and philosophy
  • Kerry Peterson, food and nutrition
  • Daisy Pignetti, English and philosophy
  • Kristine Schoonover, School of Hospitality Leadership
  • John Schultz, engineering and technology
  • Gregory Slupe, engineering and technology

Promotions and tenure

  • Maleka Hashmi, biology, associate professor

  • Wendy Stary, engineering and technology, associate professor
  • Kevin Tharp,apparel and communication technologies, associate professor
  • Dean Wirtanen, construction, associate professor