Athletics receives NCAA grant for ethnic women’s internship

May 30, 2014

Applied learning and University of Wisconsin-Stout have been woven together throughout the university's history. The UW-Stout athletic department will continue that history after receiving a two-year grant for the NCAA Division III Ethnic Minority and Women's Internship Program.

Duey NaatzThe grant will allow the department to hire a 10-month, full-time intern beginning in fall 2014 and give her the opportunity to gain experience in administration and coaching. The department will provide administrative supervision and mentorship on a daily basis.

The intern will work alongside the Blue Devils' administrative team of Athletic Director Duey Naatz and Assistant Athletic Director Erin Sullivan.

"Our intern will work in all aspects of the day-by-day operations of the athletic department," said Naatz. "Experience will be gained in budget development and planning; assisting the administrative team and the department with special projects and reports; donor development; fundraising; corporate sponsorships; and many other aspects of the operation.

"Our intern will also step outside the doors of the Sports and Fitness Center, becoming involved in the UW-Stout community as well as the surrounding regional community. The intern will become familiar with the many facets of our conference (the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference) as well as the NCAA."

Erin SullivanThe department is seeking an intern to fulfill the requirements of the grant. The position will consist of 75 percent assistant to the athletic director and 25 percent assistant coach. For more information and to apply, click here.

"We would like our intern to become immersed in the day-to-day operations of Blue Devil athletics," said Sullivan, "as well as work with a head coach within that program as an assistant coach. We would like our intern to see our athletic program from a multitude of angles."

UW-Stout is one of 18 NCAA Division III programs to receive the grant this year.

"When the internship has been completed in two years, we want our intern to be able to seamlessly integrate what they have learned and accomplished at UW-Stout into their next professional step," Naatz said.

NCAA Division III goals include a commitment to diversity and inclusion, fairness and equity and placing the highest priority on the educational experience of the student-athlete.


Photo captions

Top: Duey Naatz

Bottom: Erin Sullivan