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Campus composting program expands to food, nutrition department

April 23, 2012

UW-Stout recently expanded its composting program by including waste from the food and nutrition department.

Assistant Professor Kerry Peterson has led an effort to have food scraps from lab courses in Heritage Hall collected and picked up. “My policy is that we don’t waste food in the lab,” said Peterson, who previously was taking waste from her classes home until her garden compost pile finally grew too big.

She contacted Sarah Rykal, campus sustainability coordinator, and they worked with students, colleagues and custodians to join the existing campus effort. Since 2010 the university has composted waste from dining halls and the Memorial Student Center through a partnership with waste hauler Veolia. Each week, about two tons of UW-Stout food waste becomes part of the mix at Veolia’s composting site east of Eau Claire.

“The students are really on board with this. We have the potential to eliminate all our food waste,” said Peterson. “It’s being socially responsible. There’s a lot of energy on campus for sustainability issues.”

UW-Stout has programs in dietetics and food systems and technology.

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