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STEM Expo to feature more than 100 student research projects

December 7, 2012

A group of UW-Stout students are planning to get together to talk about their cutting-edge research in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The campus community and public are invited to the second STEM Expo from 1 to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 12, on the second floor of the Memorial Student Center.

Sarah Voeller works with the electron microscopeA total of 126 projects, representing 347 students, will be on display. Among the topics will be:

•   “Would You Like a Leg with That? Insects in Our Food,” from Entomology, taught by Charles Bomar.

•   “Spy Drones,” from Honors Seminar in Technology, taught by Byron Anderson.

•   “Augmented Reality Demonstration” from Publication Production, taught by Peter Galante.

•   “Burn Rates of Gunpowders,” from Honors College Chemistry, taught by Marcia Miller-Rodeberg.

•   “Socio-Economic Factors that Necessitate the Need for a Student-run Preventative Health Clinic Within the Local Community,” from Advanced Physiology, taught by Maleka “Polly” Hashmi.

Another course, Issues for Science Professionals taught by Marlann Patterson, will display student research on scientific ethics including sand mining, gene patents, stem cell research and patient confidentiality in health care.

“The STEM Expo spun out of a need to provide a forum for students to present projects they completed during the semester. True to UW-Stout’s mission as a Polytechnic institution, many classes in the STEM College require students to apply what they are learning toward creative activities,” said John Kirk, expo organizer and an associate professor of chemistry.

“The expo provides an outlet for students to share what they have created and learned.”

The projects represent 22 fall courses and all seven departments from the STEM College.

The first STEM Expo was held in May. A third expo is planned in May 2013.


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