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Accelerated teaching program geared to business professionals

September 19, 2012

Business professionals who are interested in teaching could find themselves doing just that after one year in a new collaborative program at University of Wisconsin-Stout and UW-Whitewater.

B.E. 4U is designed as an accelerated business education program. After one calendar year, a full-time student will be prepared to apply for a business education license through the state Department of Public Instruction.

Urs HaltinnerThe program is geared toward those with degrees in business administration, business finance, business management and marketing or those with a master’s of business administration.

Students also can take classes part-time, although that would extend the length of the program beyond one year.

“You will be exposed to passionate and experienced faculty and advisers who are connected with the business education community across the state and nation,” said Urs Haltinner, director of the marketing and business education undergraduate program at UW-Stout.

Classes are available online or through distance delivery methods at UW-Stout or UW-Whitewater. Along with coursework, students will have field-based experiences such as student teaching, tutoring and multicultural preclinical experiences.

Credit for work experience is available.

The program also offers an option to take courses for graduate credit, which can be applied toward a Master of Science degree.

For more information go to the program website or contact Haltinner, 715-232-1493.

At UW-Whitewater, contact Lila Waldman, 262-472-5475.


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