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Recent graduate’s new video game available in App Store

September 4, 2012

A recent University of Wisconsin-Stout graduate has been having fun lately playing a mobile video game that recently was released through Apple’s App Store.

Tou Yia Xiong hasn’t mastered Mr. Dreamer, but he’s been busy trying. “One of my favorite parts is when you wake up the broccoli monster and he chases after you,” Xiong said.

Xiong loves another aspect of the game even Mr. Dreamermore: It’s his game. He created it for the company Strapped to a Meteor, where he works in Seattle.

“I’m nervous but pretty much excited at the same time. It’s their (Strapped to a Meteor’s) third game and my first game,” he said.

The game was released July 31 and updated Aug. 9.

Xiong graduated in spring 2011 with a degree in art, concentrating in multimedia design, and landed the job soon thereafter. Having grown up in Wisconsin, in Appleton, he was excited to head to the West Coast and “try something new and work in an area that I’ve always been interested in.”

The general concept for Mr. Dreamer was created before Xiong arrived at Strapped to a Meteor, but he took over the project and brought it to life — the animation, character design, user interface and other key aspects, all of which he was exposed to in his multimedia design courses at UW-Stout.

“It was very cool to be part of that process, from the game mechanics to developing the story and seeing it progress to the final product,” Xiong said. The process took about 10 months.

The game has received good reviews from bloggers, he said, and is rated 4.5 stars out of five in the App Store.

In the game, Poncho carries his friend, Cid, as they “escape their heartbreaking reality of working for Broccoli Co. and enter a winding world of unimaginable possibilities,” according to marketing materials.

“It’s a simple, casual game that can be played over and over,” Xiong said. “You get a score at the end. The game center will collect the score and you can match yourself up against friends and people from around the world.”

Mr. Dreamer can be downloaded for 99 cents and is available in 15 languages.


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