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Laptop rollout under way as students gear up for classes

August 31, 2012

A sure sign that the academic year is about to start at University of Wisconsin-Stout was evident this week with the beginning of the massive effort to distribute more than 4,000 laptops to undergraduates through the university’s popular and unique e-Scholar program.

“Our students demand a high level of sophistication from their technology and we supply it,” said Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen, who pioneered the so-called laptop program at UW-Stout. “We ensure that every student has the same technology available to excel in the classroom.”

Laptop rollout 2012The program has been in existence for more than a decade.

Every incoming freshman receives a laptop from the university loaded with more than 50 pieces of software valued at about $4,500. The cost of the laptops is included in student fees charged per semester.

Most UW-Stout juniors then receive a new laptop, which they keep upon graduation.

Most students receive a Windows-based laptop, while some students in selected majors receive an Apple product.

The university also provides comprehensive technology support for the e-Scholar program through the ASK5000 help desk. Students with problems receive loaner laptops to ensure that they never are without the technology they need.Sorensen said it is important to realize that the laptop makes up only one part of the e-Scholar program.

“This program produces a completely wireless campus environment and ensures that students and faculty have a standard set of tools — both hardware and software — that meet a majority of their computing needs,” Sorensen said. “The digital culture at UW-Stout is a dynamic agent for changing the ways we learn.”

The laptop distribution process will conclude at noon Friday, Sept. 7. The university recruits volunteers from campus to help with the laptop rollout. Students are issued their computers at the Memorial Student Center.

For more on the e-Scholar program, go here.

Students move in to residence halls Sunday. Classes begin Wednesday. For details go to the story.


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