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Skyway repairs close 10th Avenue to vehicles

May 21, 2012

The skyway between the Vocational Rehabilitation Building and McCalmont Hall at University of Wisconsin-Stout will undergo major construction starting today and continuing until early August.

The skyway’s exterior walls and windows will be replaced because significant deterioration to the metal panels is allowing rainwater in.

As a result, 10th Avenue, a major east-west route through south campus, will be closed to vehicular traffic between Broadway Street and Third Street E.

Although the street between the buildings is a construction zone, the sidewalk on the south side of 10th Avenue — with a covered walkway for safety — is open to pedestrians. The sliding doors at the 10th Avenue entrance to McCalmont also will remain open.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Building front sliding doors at 10th Avenue will be closed, but the northwest entrance will be open. Parking Lot No. 28, a nonpublic lot, also will be closed.


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