STAT-130 Elementary Statistics

 Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Department

COURSE NO./TITLE: STAT-130 (354-130) Elementary Statistics


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Concepts and application of probability and statistics: data analysis (graphical displays, numerical summary measures); probability and probability distributions; concepts of statistical inference (estimation and hypothesis testing). Illustrated with output from statistical computing packages. (One year of high school algebra is desirable.)


  • Basic Practice of Statistics, 4th Ed., by Moore (adopted F07)
  • (Adopted 8/04: Basic Practice of Statistics, 3rd Ed., by Moore)
  • (Fall 99: 2nd Ed. of Basic Practice of Statistics by Moore)
  • (Fall 95: Basic Practice of Statistics, 1st Ed., by Moore)
  • (Prior to Fall 95: Introductory Statistics, 1st Ed., by Devore & Peck)

COURSE OBJECTIVES: This course will enable the students to:

   1. Develop an understanding of the basic concepts of probability.
   2. Develop an understanding of and skill in the use of descriptive statistical methods, both numerical and graphical, to organize, and summarize data.
   3. Develop an understanding of the basic concepts of statistical inference; estimation and hypothesis testing.
   4. Gain some experience in reading and interpreting the statistical analysis contained in the output of a statistical computing package.
   5. Enhance their skills in problem solving and the writing of clear, complete, logically correct solutions.


   1. Introduction to Statistics
   2. The Methods of Descriptive Statistics; Exploratory Data Analysis
      - Frequency Distributions and Histogram
      - Stem-and-Leaf Displays
      - Box Plots
      - Numerical Summary measures
   3. Probability and Probability Distributions
      - Sample Space, Events and the Algebra of Sets
      - Definitions and Rules of Probability
      - Conditional Probability; Independence.
      - Random Variables and Probability Distributions
   4. Sampling Distributions
      - Populations and Random Samples; Parameters & Statistics
      - Sampling Distributions
      - Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean: Central Limit
   5. Statistical Inference
      - Basic Concepts of Estimation and Hypothesis Testing
      - Large Sample Inference About a Population Mean
      - Small Sample Inference About a Population Mean: t-Distribution