UW-Stout Discovery Center*
MOC introduced its innovation clients to the Center for Innovation and Development (CID), this provided innovative engineering problem resolution and product prototyping. The CID is also home for the digital Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) on campus.
Discovery Center and partner services are evaluated on their contribution in four categories: revenue, impact, market penetration, and partnership. Each of these partners will contribute to revenue, impacts, and market penetration as service extensions to our current offerings. As such, each is a value-added partnership.

UW-Eau Claire Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
In 2012 the MOC established a working partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The SBDC will assist in referring clients to MOC as well as aiding in the collection of measurable impacts. Each Center will refer clients as they will be best served by the respective Center’s core services. MOC and SBDC having complimentary and intersecting missions and goals, along with their close proximity to each other, make them an ideal partnership. The SBDC serves as a primary contact and resource for small-business start-ups. As the businesses become more established the SBDC then refers them to MOC for additional services that it was not necessarily able to provide.

Seven-Rivers Region Workforce Development
Also in 2012, the MOC established an agreement with the 7 Rivers Alliance. The major goals of the partnership are to increase regional economic development through strategic partnership growth. This will ideally enhance specific needs of the economic basin, including business, educational and workforce needs. The partnership will also seek to coordinate and streamline services which will in turn increase the effectiveness of the 7 Rivers Region. With a clearly outlined division of partnership activities, both MOC and the 7 Rivers Alliance will serve to benefit from this partnership.

Technical Colleges
MOC’s five Wisconsin technical college partnerships (CVTC, NATC, NTC, WITC, and WTC) continue on an ad hoc, project-by-project basis.

Other Partners*
Other partners include state agencies that provide matching dollars including WEDC, University of Wisconsin-Extension, and the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTSC). MOC’s funding sources have historically included UW-Stout, WMEP, USDA, and the University of Wisconsin System. Our Director plays an essential role in building and maintaining effective relationships with these key partners who help provide technology and technical expertise, training and engineering services, marketing and referral services, and services in specialized areas.

*Funding Sources

Manufacturing Day

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Manufacturing Advantage Conference

It is exciting to have such a wonderful collaboration between UW-Stout, MOC, and their partners. All of these organizations working together vitalize and strengthen manufacturing in Wisconsin.

~ 2012 Conference Attendee

UW-Stout Project

Fiskars: Design Concepts of a Propane Lawn Mower


Project Mission: To upgrade one of the lawnmowers in the Fiskars line and to create design concepts for a user friendly lawnmower which delivers the brand promise of Fiskars and its tagline "empowering simplicity"

Faculty Researcher
: Noah Norton