Mobile versions of the UW-Stout website

Mobile versions of the university website are now available. Users who navigate to via cell phone will be automatically redirected to the mobile version.

Web addresses:

  • Touchscreen devices:
  • Non-touchscreen devices:

Please note that:

  • There are two versions: one for iPhone, Android and other touch screen devices, and one for Blackberry and other non-touch screen devices. You will see the appropriate version for your device.

  • Entering the address of a subsite (e.g., will take you to that site, not the mobile site
  • The mobile sites include a link to the full version of the university site, as well as: 

    • About Us (facts about UW-Stout)
    • Academic Calendar
    • Athletics mobile site
    • Campus Maps (touchscreen only)
    • Social Media
    • People (searchable directory)
    • Events
    • Library mobile site 
    • University news headlines
    • D2L (read-only)
    • Emergency numbers

Participants in the fall 2011 engagement sessions suggested that UW-Stout needed to do a better job of leveraging existing technology. The mobile sites were already under development as part of the website redesign project, and were announced to the campus as part of the "You Said…We Did" presentation during Professional Development Week in January 2012. We have also begun the process of research and development for a future mobile application.

For more information on the mobile versions of the website please contact the Office of Integrated Marketing at 715-232-1278. 

Touchscreen version

 Mobile site on Windows phone

Non-touchscreen version

Mobile site on BlackBerry