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Four cadets commissioned at ROTC winter ceremony

December 27, 2012

UW-Stout, UW-Eau Claire and UW-River Falls comprise the Northwoods Battalion in northern Wisconsin. ROTC stands for Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

The commissioned cadets include: Cody Kirkpatrick, UW-Stout; Hailey Myren and Charlotte Evans, both of UW-River Falls; and Andrew Marcellino, UW-Eau Claire.

Kirkpatrick, from Mineral Point, also graduated Dec. 15 from UW-Stout with a B.S. degree in property management and minors in business management and military leadership. Kirkpatrick’s branch in the military is Corps of Engineers. Cody Kirkpatrick

Commissioning ceremonies include a commitment to support and defend the U.S. Constitution. A cadet is granted authority to carry out the duties as a commissioned officer, a second lieutenant, in the U.S. Army. The authority to grant a commission rests with Congress.

During the ceremony, each cadet takes the Oath of Office, similar to the president of the United States at inauguration. The cadet chooses an officer or retired officer to administer the oath. Family members, or others close to the individual being commissioned, pin the cadet with gold bars. The ceremony culminates with the newly commissioned officer being saluted by a noncommissioned officer of his or her choice.

The battalion has furnished lieutenants to local National Guard and Army Reserve units as well as to the active Army.

Each year, the battalion trains approximately 140 cadets across all academic levels and produces an average of 24 lieutenants. Winter, spring and summer commissioning ceremonies are held. Students enroll in leadership courses as electives in pursuit of a degree of their choice.

Northwoods Battalion history

In 2005 an ROTC partnership program was established at UW-Stout with 11 students. Students from UW-Eau Claire and UW-River Falls took ROTC courses through UW-Stout.

In 2007 a partnership program was established at UW-River Falls.

In 2009 ROTC became part of UW-Eau Claire, and in 2010 a partnership agreement was signed.

For more information refer to or contact Lt. Col. Brian Stout, 715-232-5629,

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