Students are typically recruited into the program as sophomores or juniors and begin formally participating in activities during their junior year.

A cohort group of students begin the program each academic year and continue until they graduate. The beginning (junior) group is designated cohort #1 and the ongoing (senior) group is cohort #2.

First Year

New McNair scholars are selected during the fall semester to begin the program during the upcoming spring semester (junior cohort).  Members of this cohort group are introduced to the program and develop a comprehensive plan to insure graduate school entry and success in a graduate program through:

  • Designing a research proposal or apply to internship
  • Identifying a faculty mentor
  • Beginning to work on an individual research project
  • Preparing for the summer research institute  

These accomplishments are facilitated by a series of workshops and GRE preparation seminar.  

Learning and participating in the research process is crucial to success at the graduate level. During the first summer, the junior cohort will participate in a Summer Research Institute and concentrate on conducting individual research.  

This research experience includes an individual stipend of $2,800.00.

Second Year

During the second year, scholars (the senior cohort) synthesize the research into poster and/or oral presentations and submit an article for publication in the Journal of Student Research. 

Other program activities for the senior cohort include:

  • Taking the GRE
  • Preparing and submitting graduate college applications
  • Applying for fellowships and other financial aid
  • Participating in conferences, travel, and seminars
  • Graduate School visits and interview preparation

McNair Academic Year

Some highlights of the McNair year include...

  • Annual National McNair Conference and Graduate School Fair
  • Posters in the Rotunda
  • NCUR conference
  • UW System Symposium
  • UW-Stout Research Day


Fall Semester

  • WAEOPP McNair/SSS Conference
  • National McNair Conference
  • Second-year students finalize grad apps
  • Recruitment for Spring begins

Spring Semester

  • New First-year students begin
  • Annual McNair Banquet
  • UW Stout Research Day
  • Graduation for second-year students
  • Recruitment for fall begins

Summer Semester

  • Research projects and Internships
  • Graduate school fairs
  • Graduate school visits
  • GRE Prep