SBC Ameritech provides Centrex Telephone Service and AT&T provides the long distance service under contract. All telephone extensions on campus begin with the prefix 232 followed by four digits. Each department is billed a basic monthly fee plus usage.
Another campus extension Can be called by dialing the four-digit extension number directly.
Local calls
Dial a 9 plus the full local telephone number. The local calling area includes Menomonie (232, 233, 235), Wheeler (632), Boyceville (643), Colfax (962), Elk Mound (879), Knapp (665), Spring Lake (772) and Downsville (664).
Long Distance Calls via the State Telephone System (STS) Dial 8-1 plus the full telephone number.
To reach an Operator. Use a Calling Card or Direct Distance Dial. Dial 9-1 or 9-0 as appropriate. Charges will be higher using the regular 91 long distance capability as compared to the State Telephone System.
Call Transfer/Three Way Calling If you do not have a transfer button, press the FLASH button (or depress the switch hook button momentarily). Listen for three beeps and dial tone. Dial the extension number to whom the call is to be transferred. When ringing is heard, hang up your receiver; or stay on the line until the third party answers. Then press the FLASH button to set up a 3-Way Conference Call.
Distinctive Ringing
When your phone rings in a cadence like your home phone, the call is from off campus. When a short ring followed by a long ring is heard, the call is from an on campus extension.
Ring Again (Automatic Callback Calling) To request an automatic ring back when a busy signal is received, press FLASH and dial 43#. When both lines are free, your phone will ring. Answer the call and await called party.
Speed Call
A ten number speed call memory on all extensions.
Call Hold
Provides a second phone line automatically allowing a second active call.
Call Forward Variable
Transfers all incoming calls to another telephone line.
Call Pickup
Allows one user to answer another?s incoming call.
Call Waiting
Station user hears a tone when an incoming call is waiting to be answered.
800 Service
Department is billed per minute for incoming calls. 800 number must point to/terminate on another basic line