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Learning Technology Services offers several training topics for instructors interested in learning more about instructional technology, such as...

BlackBoard Collaborate

BlackBoard Collaborate enables instructors and students to meet in virtual rooms, where they can communicate directly through a Voiceover Internet (VoIP) audio connection and see PowerPoint slide sets, whiteboards, text chats and more!

Learn@UW-Stout (LMS) Open Labs and Call-In Labs

The purpose of the On-campus Open Labs is to provide direct, face-to-face support for instructors in need of Learn@UW-Stout (LMS) environment assistance. The At-a-Distance Open Labs allow for direct, real time support to instructors in need of LMS environment assistance.

Learn@UW-Stout (LMS) Quiz Tool Workshop

This workshop will focus on the Quizzing tool within Learn@UW-Stout (LMS) and will cover the basics of organizing a question library, demonstrating how to build questions in the library, creating a quiz and importing questions into a quiz. It will also address common mistakes that occur when creating a quiz. There will be discussion on ways to encourage academic honesty through randomized questions and answers, setting time limits, and utilizing Respondus Lockdown Browser.  

Upon completion of the workshop, attendees will be able to:  

  • Build A Question Library
  • Use the Question Library to create a new quiz
  • Link a quiz to the Gradebook
  • Create sections of questions within a quiz that will be randomly selected for each student
  • Identify and determine when to use the Quiz tool settings, including time and date restrictions, late submission actions, and special access.
  • Identify and avoid key mistakes when creating quizzes
  • Release quiz results to students using the Submission View option
  • Demonstrate the ability to preview a quiz
  • Analyze the quiz outcomes and improve the quiz for future students 

Learn@UW-Stout (LMS) Release Conditions

Release Conditions is a tool within Learn@UW-Stout (LMS). This tool allows instructors to create a custom learning path through the materials in their course. Workshop participants will receive a demonstration of the capabilities and limitations of the Release Conditions function in an actual course in the current Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, participants will be enrolled as instructors in a special Learn@UW-Stout 'sandbox' course with a 'hands on' opportunity to be guided through the process of setting up three of the following most common occurrences in the Release Conditions function:

  • Attaching a release condition to the second topic in your course's content area that hides that topic until users have viewed the preceding topic
  • Creating a condition that requires users to view a content topic before gaining access to a quiz
  • Creating a condition that requires users to post to a discussion topic before they can see a content module
Learning Outcomes . . .
  • Identify the tools within LMS that support Release Conditions
  • Give examples of some 'Do's and Don'ts' for creating Release Conditions
  • Use some common Release Condition scenarios in a 'sandbox' course, where they can model: 1) How to attach a Release Condition, 2) How to reuse a Release Condition, and 3) How to Remove a Release Condition

My Media

UW-Stout has a new multimedia management system integrated with Learn@UW-Stout called My Media. My Media can process and hold various types of media. This repository can be personal or shared in a Learn@UW-Stout course. Instructors can record mini lectures from their webcam, do screen recording for demonstration, voice over PowerPoint, or upload previously created video. These videos are stored in the instructor's own "My Media" repository.

My Media can be shared in news, course content, assignments, lectures, etc., to enrich and improve learning and teaching. For example, instructors can include video or audio in an assignment or content item, and students can use videos or audio to respond to a discussion post. Students can also submit video assignments to the course Dropbox. My Media works on all major browsers and with most online supported video formats.

Online Teaching Short Course

This course is intended to help educators more effectively facilitate an online course. Click here for a full description of the course and for registration information.

College Consulting & Custom Training

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