What is Windows Live Movie Maker?

Windows Live Movie Maker is a free tool that allows users to import and edit slide shows and videos, enhance movies with audio and a theme, and share movies online. Users may collect footage using a video camera, and then assemble and edit it in Windows Live Movie Maker. Once the movie is finished, it can be produced and uploaded to the Internet.

How is Windows Live Movie Maker applied in learning environments?

Instructors can easily create and share videos with students.

Is Windows Live Movie Maker supported by UW-Stout?

Yes! We provide tutorials and will offer 20-30 min. individual training sessions to instructors upon request.



Get It Here

Windows Live Movie Maker website


Part 1: Importing

Part 2: Editing

Part 3: Titles, Captions, Credits, and Animations

Part 4: Producing Your Movie


Windows Live Movie Maker

movie maker

Required Skill Level:
Benefits: Easy-to-use
Challenges: Can be time consuming. Talent releases may be required if material is uploaded to a public site.


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