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Learn@UW (D2L) - intermittent system disruptions

Users may experience issues with Learn@UW (D2L) due to an outage in effect for some of Desire2Learn's supporting IT infrastructure. This issue is believed to have begun at 4:05pm on Saturday, Feb. 18. Learn@UW Utility technologists in Madison are engaged.

Although Learn@UW (D2L) remains available and the ongoing infrastructure issue has not resulted in further disruptions since Saturday, 2/18 at 10:15pm., it is anticipated that inconsistent disruption to Learn@UW (D2L) will occur during the course of the resolution to this issue. However, as of this time, we do not have specific details yet as to when the resolution will occur. This news item will be updated as more information becomes available.

UW-System Updates

    Learn@UW/D2L - Service Issue Impacting Virtualization System (RESOLVED: 6:30pm, 2/20/2017)
    Tuesday, February 21

    Update 6:38pm 2/20/17: The virtualization infrastructure issue presenting risk to Learn@UW availability has been resolved as of 6:30pm.

    Update 5:00pm 2/20/17: DoIT virtualization technologists have completed work to isolate problematic hardware believed to be the underlying cause of widespread issues affecting many services including Learn@UW/D2L. The virtualization infrastructure is believed to be stable and work is now in progress to verify the operational status of all hosted VMs.

    Learn@UW/D2L remains online and available at this time. There remains a risk that Learn@UW/D2L may experience further disruptions. Additional details are available at the UW System Outages page.

    Update 10:30am 2/20/17: The impact on the Learn@UW/D2L service has been mitigated as requests can be routed to functioning application servers. We are monitoring the situation to ensure that there are adequate resources to respond to the demand. It is possible that additional disruption to Learn@UW/D2L may occur during the resolution to this infrastructure issue, though again we do not have specific details (e.g., what will be done, when it will be done), nor expect to be able to inform you in advance of such an event.

    A service disruption impacting virtualization infrastructure is currently in progress, affecting multiple DoIT services including Learn@UW/D2L. This issue is currently believed to have begun at 4:04pm on Saturday, February 18, and remains in progress. Technologists are engaged in response. Additional details may be available on the UW System Outages page.

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