eStout Eligibility and Credit Requirements

The following students are eligible to participate in the eStout program:

Degree seeking students must be registered for one qualifying undergraduate credit to participate in the eStout program and receive a laptop computer. 

Special students (non-degree seeking-coded by Admissions) must be registered for a minimum of three (3) or more eligible credits. 

Graduate credits and Customized Tuition credits are not part of the eStout program. These credits do not apply towards eligibility. 

On-line (CI) Students: Customized Instructional credits do not qualify for the laptop program.

What type of laptop is available to me?

Most students receive a PC while some students receive an Apple laptop. The computer platform provided to students is determined by faculty and councils to meet the educational needs of the students. Currently Art majors (excluding Interior Design), Cross-Media Graphics Management, and Professional Communication and Emerging Media majors receive an Apple laptop. All other majors, as well as undecided and special students, receive a PC.

Questions about your eligibility?

Contact Joan Wahl
Student Business Services

students using laptops