For the following special services, patrons must meet with UW-Stout Disability Services staff to determine appropriate accommodations. (206 Bowman Hall 715/232-2995)


Proxy Borrower Service

Extended Loans

  • Circulation may extend checkout time for not-in-demand circulating materials.
  • Contact (715/232-1215)

Materials Retrieval (Paging)

    • Books: Items will be paged based on staff availability and workload.
    • Journals: Library patrons are expected to function as independently as possible, including locating and retrieving full-text documents in any databases.
      • If assistance is needed, consult with the Assistive Technology Librarian, if available, or another reference librarian who be able to help or make arrangements for further instruction.
      • If there are five or more journals needing to be paged, contact a Circulation Supervisor at the Circulation Desk in person or at 715/232-1215 to discuss lead time and what is feasible.

Borrowing from Other Libraries

    • Library patrons are expected to identify those items that are not owned by the Library and to submit requests for any of these items through the Borrow from Other Libraries service.
    • For some special needs, Access Services staff may identify better ways of meeting patrons' information needs and will contact the patron to discuss.

Assisted Printing and Copying

    • Patrons whose disabilities prevent them from using a photocopier, microform reader/printer, scanner, or card reader may request that library staff make copies or print for them.
    • More information on Printing, Scanning, Photocopying.

People with disabilities in the library may ask:

Depending on staffing, and the volume and timing of requests, immediate photocopying or microfiche/microfilm printing or scanning may not be possible. Patrons with disabilities may be asked to leave their retrieved materials for copying by staff at a later time if staff are unable to devote extended attention to their needs at the time.  The patron is required to supply a CD-R disc (not CD-RW), or a USB flash drive for scanning.

Patrons with disabilities who wish Library staff to retrieve or copy materials for them should:

*Electronic requests, which are sent to the library's email accounts, may not be checked on weekends or evenings.

Library staff process requests as quickly as possible. However, due to staffing constraints, limits on how many requests can be processed per person within a specified time period. If the patron anticipates a large volume of items needing to be photocopied, contact Circulation staff either in person or at 715/232-1215 to discuss lead time and what is feasible.


Payment for photocopying the requested items is expected at the time of the request.  Payment may be in cash, by check, or by using either a UW-Stout student ID card or Visitor card containing Flexline or Baseline Plus funds. The patron will be reimbursed if not all of the requests can be filled.   Photocopying or scanning charges:

  • 1-10 pages          $1.00
  • 11-20 pages        $2.00
  • 21-30 pages        $3.00
  • 31-40 pages        $4.00
  • 41-49 pages        $5.00
  • For more than 50 pages, contact the Circulation Supervisor to discuss the option of special or extended loan.

Articles That Are Unavailable

Patrons are expected to verify that the University Library owns each item that they are requesting to be photocopied or scanned prior to submitting the requests.

If Library staff determine that the library owns the journal title but not the article that has been requested, photocopy charges for that item will be refunded to the patron's account.

If it appears that a patron with disabilities is systematically submitting Paging/Copy Request forms for items that the Library does not own, Library staff will refer the patron to the Assistive Technology Librarian or other Reference staff for the appropriate instruction. If this type of request continues to be submitted, there will a $1.00 charge for each item that is requested that the library does not own. The remainder of the photocopy fee, if there is a remainder, for that item will be refunded to the patron's account.

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Library Blocks

Special Services

The Special Services on this page require documentation from the
UW-Stout Disabilities Office,
106 Bowman Hall (715/232-2995)


To request theseSpecial Services:
Circulation Desk Supervisor


For assistive technoolgy assistance:
Janice M. Conti


For research help:



Library users with disabilities can best be served by Library staff during Reference hours when both Access Services staff and Reference librarians are available to provide assistance.