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Floor 5 Map of Library

Picturesque View

Looking south out the fifth floor windows, you can see the Memorial Student Center.

View out the 5th Floor Window looking at the Memorial Student Center


Quiet Study Floor

Quiet Study 

This is a quiet study floor. Please turn off all mobile phones and electronic devices.

Use a group study room or space on the Fourth Floor for Group Work.

Main Collection

Main Collection  Library materials are organized by the Library of Congress Classification System, an alphanumberic system.
  • Search Search@UW to find an item and its call number.
  • Call numbers A-H are on 5th Floor;
    J-PR are on 4th Floor;
    PS-Z are on 3rd Floor.
  • Signs indicate the call numbers shelved in that stack; scan the QR code for help in locating items on the shelf.

Public Equipment Area

5th Floor Study Space 

Fifth floor has:

  • Equipment needed to use the library's media resources
  • General supplies such as paper cutters, scissors, staplers, etc.
  • Computer stations with access to the internet access and campus keyserver software.
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