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Map Second Floor of the Library

Periodicals Collection

Periodicals Collection

2nd Floor North is devoted to magazines, journals, and newspapers, commonly called "periodicals".

The library provides many full-text periodical articles through Articles/ Databases. When periodicals are not available electronically, you can obtain some titles may be available in print from the stacks.

The periodicals stacks include paper and microfilm formats, which are arranged alphabetically by title.

Microfiche copies of magazines and journals are filed in the metal cabinets against the brick wall.

Scanners and Photocopiers 

Photocopiers & Scanners 

As periodicals cannot be checked out, scanners and a color copier are available for capturing photos and text in magazines and newspapers.

The color photocopier also scans materials; files then can be either saved or E-mailed.

Scanning and E-mail is free.

Bring your Stout One card for printing.

Microfiche Cabinets

Microfiche Cabinets 

Michrofiche copies of magazines and journals are filed in the metal cabinets against the brick wall, next to the microform reader and printers.

Microform Reader / Printers

Microform Readers

To view articles stored on microfilm or microfiche, use the equipment located by the brick wall behind the P.I. Desk. There you will find reader/printers and a reader that scans articles. If you are unfamiliar with microform systems, please visit your helpful library assistant at the P.I. Desk.

Other equipment such as photocopiers, stapler, scissors, etc. are also located along the wall.

Instructional Resources Service (Textbooks) Service Desk

Instructional Resources Service

Visible through a window wall you will see the entrance to the Instructional Resources Service, where you can get your textbooks and other required class resources.

Although it is a part of the library, you must enter Instructional Resources from the separate staircase in the outside lobby, first floor, or through the west outside door of the building.

Educational Materials Center (EMC)

Instructional Resources Service

The Educational Materials Center has several collections of materials for teacher education students: textbooks, curriculum guides, children's literature, young adult literature, children's magazines and children's media.


Materials in the EMC can be checked out at the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library.

Comic and Graphic Novels Collection

Instructional Resources Service

Comic and Graphic Novels Collection makes up one wall of the new Creators space..
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